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Wedding fonts you will love!

top 10 fonts

Now I am happy to admit I am a complete font geek. Luckily this is to be expected with my job so I’m not too ashamed! The fonts you choose for your wedding stationery though can really alter the style and feel of your items so it’s important to get it right. I always like […] Read more…

Save the Date!

Save the Date 5

I’ve recently met and have been chatting to lots of couples who are getting married in 2015 and are now thinking about sending out their Save the Date cards. If you are one of these couples you may be trying to think of the best way to word your Save the Dates. As always consider […] Read more…

How To Word Your Wedding Invitations


When it comes to the wording of your wedding invitations it can be tricky to know which wording to use. Do you go traditional? Do you word the invitations from you and your partner? Or do you want to approach your wording differently? It can become completely confusing. When having this conversation with my couples […] Read more…

This Month I’m Loving…My Wedding Wording Guide

When it comes to deciding on how you want to word your invitations it can become a bit tricky. Not to mention how to word subjects like asking for money for a gift or not having children attend your wedding. My couples always ask me for advice on how to politely word such requests. This […] Read more…

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