How to work out your stationery timeline

One thing I pretty much always get asked by my couples is when should they send out their Save the Date cards and their Invitations. This can be different for each couple, depending on their timescale and other factors such as having out of town guests or when their caterers need to know final numbers. I have given you a guide below to help you work your own timescale out.

As a general rule of thumb you want to be sending Save the Date cards out about 9 – 12 months before your wedding date. If you have guests from out of town that will need to organise accommodation and travel then you should aim to send them their Save the Date cards 12 months beforehand to give them enough time to arrange this and to save the money to pay for it.

If your guests are more local then 9 months beforehand should suffice.

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Invitations generally go out 3-4 months before the wedding. If you have sent Save the Date cards out then you can get away with sending the Invitations out closer to your wedding date as your guests know the date and are just waiting on the details.

I always suggest to my couples to work backwards to work out when they should be sending their Invitations out. When do your caterers or venue need to know your final numbers? In my experience this is usually about 2-4 weeks before the wedding day. Once you have this date you want to set your RSVP date at least 2 weeks before. This allows for you to chase any late repliers and get your guest list in order in time to give to your caterers/venue. 

Once you have your RSVP date you can then decide when to send out your Invitations. You don’t want to give your guests too long to reply as they may forget but you also don’t want to put pressure on them to RSVP immediately. I would therefore recommend sending Invitations about 6 weeks before your RSVP date.

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This is quite a bit of info to remember! So I have simplified it into the guide below to make it easier to work out your timeframe. Remember though it’s your wedding, so it’s your timeframe – feel free to adjust it to how it best suits you.


Make sure you get in touch if you need any help with your wedding stationery – it would be great to work with you!

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