How To Word Your Wedding Invitations

When it comes to the wording of your wedding invitations it can be tricky to know which wording to use. Do you go traditional? Do you word the invitations from you and your partner? Or do you want to approach your wording differently? It can become completely confusing.

When having this conversation with my couples I always ask them a couple of questions to help pinpoint the wording for them.

  • Who’s hosting your wedding? This will determine who invites your guests. If your parents are hosting or helping largely towards the wedding then they may like the invitation to come from them. If you are planning and paying for the majority of the wedding yourselves then the invitation should come from you. Another wording that is popular with my couples is for the invitations to come from their children. This is a lovely way to involve your children in the day and also can avoid any conflict between who is inviting your guests!
  • Is your wedding going to be more traditional, formal, informal or laid back and relaxed? Your invitation wording should reflect the style of your day. If you are having a traditional wedding then traditional wording along the lines of “request the pleasure of your company” is good to use. If you are a having a more laid back affair then something like “we would love you to join us” works well.

I’ve given you some examples below of different wording that can be used. These could all be altered to suit you individually. If there’s wording I haven’t covered head over to my Facebook page and let me know!







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