Something for the Weekend

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you may have read that we have had some technical issues this week and so were unable to get a blog post out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Well, the problems fixed!! (sort of) so better late than never here is Something for the Weekend.


Now I know I am probably rather slow on the uptake here, and it is something I have been meaning to have a proper look at for ages, but I have finally discovered – and fallen in love with – Pinterest!!!

Some of you may have heard or even use Pinterest but for those of you that haven’t let me enlighten you…Pinterest is basically where people create boards of stuff they like. The boards can cover anything, literally ANYTHING! But best of all there is a whole category for Weddings & Events. Here you will find boards that have been put together by wedding suppliers, brides or grooms-to-be or anyone that loves anything to do with weddings. It. Is. A-maz-ing!! (Can you tell I’m really very excited about this??!)

So head over to click where it says ‘Everything’ a drop down box will appear and you will see at the bottom the ‘Wedding & Events’ category, click on this and a whole plethora of wedding fabulousness will appear. (Failing that click here!) I like to scroll down, find an image that catches my eye and then click on it to see what else that ‘Pinner’ has put on their board. Trust me you will become hooked.

These boards are a fantastic way to gain inspiration and new ideas for your wedding. Best of all? It’s free!! I love magazines as much as the next person and love the mood/inspiration boards that are often included in Bridal magazines but with Pinterest you are given such a huge variety and selection of boards that are quick and easy to access when you have a spare few minutes that you may find yourself putting down that magazine. Though I have to point out that some of the bridal magazines do have their own Pinterest accounts so maybe find those too.

A good point to make also is don’t just look on the Weddings & Events section have a look at the other categories as you just never know where you are going to get a great idea from. And why not set up your own account*? It’s really quick and simple to do and when you are looking online you can simply ‘Pin’ the image from the website and it will attach to your chosen board. This is fantastic way to gather all of your ideas and thoughts in one place and hopefully make it easier to see a theme occurring.

*To set up an account you have to ask to be invited (you will find this on the homepage) but you will receive an email in a couple of days confirming you have been accepted. I’m not sure if anyone is ever turned down but I’m sure they’re not.

So why not check my boards out? I have to admit though I only have a few images so far but intend to be using my boards to add general stuff I like but also create mood boards for inspiration for new designs. I plan to spend Sunday curled up on the sofa (the weather will undoubtedly be rubbish to go out) exploring other Pinners boards and making some more of my own. Happy Pinning!

Have a look at these boards that I love and follow:

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