Wedding SOS | What Fonts to choose for your Wedding Stationery

When choosing the design of your wedding stationery you may have to decide what fonts you want to use. Whether you are working one-on-one with a stationer or ordering something online chances are you will probably have a choice of fonts to choose from. But how do you know which ones to choose?

There are some simple rules to bear in mind when pairing fonts but first a little explanation of ‘font jargon’ may be useful.

  • Script fonts¬†are swirly fonts that can often look handwritten.
  • Serif fonts are more traditional fonts with the little flicks and edges on each letter.
  • Sans-serif fonts are more modern fonts that are smooth and have no little flicks or edges.

You may also hear fonts referred to as typefaces or typography – basically they all mean the style or combination of fonts. Don’t worry too much about these!

So some simple rules when deciding which fonts to choose are as follows:

I always like to combine two or possibly three different fonts in a design to create some interest and also you can use a particular font to highlight certain information – such as your names and date.

For a traditional and more formal look try pairing a script font with a lowercase serif font, like this example below.


If you’re after a modern look uppercase sans-serif fonts work well with a script font.


If you’re looking for something between the two – not too traditional and not too modern – why not pair your script font with an uppercase serif font instead of a lowercase one.


If you’re not keen on script fonts but still want to distinguish between different sections of text then maybe try combining an uppercase sans-serif with a lowercase serif,


or two serif fonts but with one uppercase and one lowercase.


The main thing to remember is to keep it simple, also trust your stationer’s recommendations – we pair fonts together all the time so have a pretty good idea of which ones work well together!


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