Wedding Inspiration – Autumnal Glitter

It is officially freezing. Fact. This means I’ve taken to having a scarf permanently fixed round my neck and jumping into my onesie at any available moment. It also means beautiful Autumnal colours; think deep reds, burnt oranges and varying shades of brown, caramel and gold. These rich colours work perfectly together to create a warm, cosy feel that contrasts with the icy, harsh cold.

I’ve always loved these gorgeous Autumnal colours (and admittedly I even secretly love Autumn and Winter) and you will know that I also love glitter. So I thought why not go wild and combine the two?!

As it happens a glam glitter affair actually works perfectly alongside an Autumn backdrop. To create a sense of glamour candles and soft lighting are used in abundance alongside deep, rich tones with gold highlighting to create a sophisticated, moody effect. I’ve a created a board on Pinterest to bring these ideas together, but take a look at some of favourite pins below to see what I mean.

1. Glitter leaves  2. Bride  3. Poppy Wedding Stationery  4. Aisle  5. Shoes

I love the idea of the glittered leaves hung as a backdrop behind the top table or cake area, or why not even use them as a backdrop for a photo booth?

Next week I have another glitter inspired post for you – so keep your eyes pealed!

Natalie x

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