What do we really need for our wedding?

You’re at the start of your planning and you’re visiting loads of wedding fairs, reading every wedding magazine and blog under the sun and have a ridiculous amount of Pinterest boards. Sound familiar?

Planning and researching for a wedding is obviously a huge amount of fun and excitement but I think there comes a time in every couples planning where they have to sit down and have a bit of a re-think as they are overrun with ideas.


Whilst it is fantastic that there is so much variety on offer for weddings now you can end up with almost too many ideas for your big day. But how to whittle them down?


I always encourage my couples to think about the type of day they want and the type of day they are going to most enjoy. Everything should hinge off this. Think about the most important aspects that you want to include in the wedding and work round that.


It goes without saying that the ceremony is the most important part of the day, but maybe music plays a huge part in your lives, so carefully consider how music is going to play a part throughout each stage of the day. Maybe you’re both massive foodies so the menu is going to be really important to you. Maybe the most important part is to make your guests comfortable and give them an enjoyable day, work out how you can achieve that.


When you focus on what is most important to you both this helps narrow down what you really need to include in your big day. It may become apparent that all of those extra bits you thought you needed you can actually do without. This will not only save you money but also give you less to organise and give your day a really cohesive feel without it looking and feeling like you’ve thrown everything at it. Remember sometimes less is more.

Massive thanks to Sara Thomas Photography for letting me use these gorgeous pics from one of her weddings.

Natalie x

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