Unique Table Plan Ideas

Table plans often seem to become one the most stressful parts of a couples wedding stationery planning. It’s knowing who to sit next to who and then re-arranging the whole thing when a guest tells you they can’t make it. But, once the arranging and re-arranging is complete it is so worth it as you end up with a stunning keepsake of your day.

As part of my Ready to Order service I offer either a poster style table plan or a handmade one. The poster one is pretty self-explanatory! Your table plan design is printed on either a large A2 or A1 sheet and then either mounted onto foam-board or placed in a frame. The result is a very clean, simple table plan.

The handmade table plan is slightly more complex. Each individual table (or piece of card representing each table) is printed individually. These cards are then mounted onto a backing card that is slightly larger. The mounted pieces of card are then stuck onto an A2 or A1 card that is then either fixed to foam-board or mounted in a frame. Phew! Lots of sticking, but a truly gorgeous result.

However as part of my Bespoke service I have provided table plans in the past in different ways so couples can create a really unique table plan. For example for Emma & Chris’ table plan I simply provided them with the individual pieces of card that they then stuck onto a large ornate mirror. This created a really stunning focal point.


For another couple I provided the pieces of card for them to then attach to the inside of a vintage suitcase, this fitted in perfectly with their tea party theme. There are so many unique ways that you can make your table plan look a bit different.

  • How about threading ribbon through each piece of card and hanging them from an indoor tree?
  • Or rather than using pieces of card write your table plan on the glass of a mirror with white pen?
  • Or painting the inside of a picture frame with blackboard paint and writing the table plan in chalk?
  • What about not using frames or card at all but writing the list of names for each table on it’s own individual deflated balloon? Then once they are inflated place them near the entrance of your wedding breakfast; this will create a great impact as guests go to take their seats.
  • How about going all American and using escort cards instead of having a table plan? Make sure you have the guests name and their table number on the card and put them on display for guests to find.
  • If flowers are a big focus in your wedding how about creating a display of bouquets or pot plants and tucking the table plan cards into each one?
  • Or you could frame each piece of card in it’s own frame and display them on a table.
  • If you’re wedding has got a vintage vibe you could have the table plan stitched or ironed onto bunting.

There are so many different ways to display and design a table plan that will create a great talking point for your guests.

If you are going to do something a little different with your table plan let me know in the comments section below!

Natalie x

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