My Super Stationery Timeline Part 2

Hi all, hope you all had a lovely weekend!


So last week was My Super Stationery Timeline Part 1, which hopefully cleared up for you when to send your Save the Dates and Invitations out and when to ask for your RSVPs back. This week I’m tackling your On the Day items and Thank You cards.


Ok, so once we have the design sorted and perfectly perfect for your Save the Date cards and Invitations the design for your On the Day items and Thank You cards is really pretty straightforward. The design we used on your first lot of items gets carried over onto your last lot of items, so things like your Place Cards, Order of Services, Table Name Cards, Table Plan and Thank You cards. Giving you a beautiful suite of gorgeous, complementary stationery.


Now while I can create the design for all of these items ahead of time, until you receive your RSVPs back we won’t know for definite whose names to put on things like the place cards and the table plan. Once you have received all of your RSVPs back then you can start perfecting your table plan, take a look at my ‘How To…Put Together my Table Plan’ blog post for some ideas and tips.


Once you are happy with your table plan send the list of who is sitting at what table over to me. I can send you a template over to fill in if this is easier for you, but a basic list in Word is perfect. It doesn’t need to be fancy or for the pages to be split into columns just the tables and the names one beneath the other. From this I will take your guest names to put onto the Place Cards too, so no need to send a separate list for this.

Emma & Chris’ bespoke table plan

If you will be having an Order of Service or Order of Ceremony we can be sorting the design of this out before you receive your RSVPs back. The layout of this, especially an Order of Service can vary depending on how many hymns and readings you are having. Your church will advise you on this and suggest the appropriate layout. All you need to do is let me know the order of everything and I will fill in the details.

Emma & Chris’ bespoke Order of Service

Thank You cards can be printed with these items so they are ready to write and send out as soon as you are back off honeymoon.


If this is still a little overwhelming then fear not, because as I mentioned in Part 1 once you place your order with me I will send you your personalised stationery timeline detailing when I need to know certain information by and when you will receive your items. Stick as closely as you can to the timeline and I will sort out the details. Meaning no stress and no fuss for you.


Have a great week, Natalie x

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