Where to start with your wedding stationery

Last week I had a great guest post from Caroline Gould Weddings helping you with where to start with your wedding planning. This week it’s my turn. I’m sharing my stationery checklist with you that will guide you through the planning process of your stationery.

I’ve found that when couples get round to sitting down and really thinking about their stationery it can be a little overwhelming with knowing where to start and what to include. My stationery checklist is one of the helpful items you receive from me when we work together. It summarises all the questions I regularly get asked and gets your stationery planning off to the best start.


Ok first things first – decide on the style of your wedding stationeryYour wedding stationery is going to be the first glimpse of your wedding your guests will get so it’s vital it makes the right impression. Your stationery needs to reflect your style of wedding day, your personalities and any theme that you may have running throughout the wedding. My bespoke service is perfect if you want to create truly unique and memorable wedding stationery.


Next – work out your timeframe – It can be confusing knowing when to send invitations out and ask for RSVPs back, but with my method it should become simple! Basically you just need to work backwards. Start with when your venue needs to know your final numbers. This will determine your RSVP date, which will in turn determine when you need to send your invitations out.

Always give guests a couple more weeks to reply than they need to account for any late repliers. On average I recommend giving guests 6-8 weeks to reply; this will vary though depending on your timeframe, so invitations need to go out about 10 weeks before your venue needs to know numbers. This usually works out about 3-4 months before the wedding date. As I completely personalise all stationery, or start from scratch with a bespoke design, you will need to contact me about 3 months prior to when you want to send your invitations out. This gives us plenty of time to create your stationery exactly as you want it. No one wants to be rushing an item that holds such important information.


Count up how many invitations you needThis is a common mistake made by a lot of couples when they first approach me to create their stationery. I ask how many invitations they will be needing and they tell me they are having 100 guests so will need 100 invitations. Remember  – you only need 1 invitation per couple or family. Your invitation quantity is usually about half the number of guests you need.


Once you have worked out your invitation quantity – add approximately 10% onto the final invitation number this gives you some extras to account for any extra invitees. If you have some guests that can’t make the day you then have room to invite some more people for which you will need invitations. Also if you are handwriting your guest names inside your invitations it’s always a good idea to have a few spare for any mistakes. If I print your guest names inside I am always happy to print a few blank ones too for additional invitees. It is always best to have a few extra invitations printed with your main invitation order, as if you need a small amount of extra invitations later this will have to go print as a separate order and will incur higher costs.


When deciding on your style of invitations think about – if you want to provide RSVP cards for your guestsIf you do provide RSVP cards you are sure to get a quicker response from your guests. My RSVP postcards make it so quick and easy for guests to reply, all they have to do is fill in their name, tick whether they can attend or not, stick a stamp on it and put it in the post. Simple!


Think about the other information you need to include in your invitationsAside from the main invitation wording what else do your guests need to know? Do they have a menu choice and do they have any special dietary requirements? Are they going to need directions or accommodation details? Are children going to be attending your wedding? And do you want to tell your guests about your gift list? These can all be addressed and answered within your invitations and the amount of information you need to include will also determine the style of invitation you choose. Once you place your order I’ll send you my Wedding Wording Guide that helps with wording for most of these.


Finally – choose memorable names for your wedding breakfast tablesBy choosing memorable names for your tables helps set your wedding apart from all the other weddings your guests attend. They can also become a great talking point as well as making your wedding completely unique. If you need some ideas just head over to my Facebook page and ask!


I hope my checklist has made your stationery planning a bit clearer for you, but as always if you have any questions just get in touch. Also don’t forget to check out the galleries of the Ready to Order wedding stationery and Bespoke wedding stationery.


Natalie x

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