Sparkle, sparkle magpie!

Here at Lemon Pie Design we a love a bit of sparkle. Ok, that is a bit of an understatement, we LOVE a LOT of sparkle!! I am convinced I was a magpie in a previous life because as soon as that little glint or glimmer catches my eye I am completely drawn to it and totally distracted from what I’m meant to be doing. Luckily for us our couples also love shiny things too with diamantes being added to designs just that bit more popular than ribbon. We can supply big diamantes, small diamantes, diamante clasps and broches, diamantes in silver, pink, peach, purple, green, blue…you get the picture!

Diamantes are a fantastic way to add a subtle bit of glamour and style to your stationery. They aren’t over the top – unless you cover your stationery in them! – and look modern and classy and steer away from frothy, frilly stationery. Diamantes are fun and laid back if your wedding is a more relaxed, informal affair and modern and clean looking if you want a more simple, non fussy design.

Overall we think diamantes rock and simply can’t get enough of them! Simple as!!

Just one simple diamante creates a modern, fun feel


Two short rows of diamantes keep with the sophisticated styling of this wedding

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