Nine Shiny New Designs For Your Wedding

After months of designing, re-designing, tweaking and generally making beautiful, the 2014 collection has arrived! I started with 20 designs that got whittled down to 12 then finally down to 9 to leave you with stylish, elegant and a little bit different designs – everything you guys have said you are after!

When deciding on the style of the new collection I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of pattern and typography (design geek term – to do with placement of text etc!!) but to keep the overall feel simple, clean and elegant, as this is what you tell me again and again you are looking for. And I love to give you what you want!

I wanted your – the couple’s – names to be one of the main focuses on the designs as you are what your wedding is all about and it also makes your stationery super personal. I also wanted the designs to be like nothing else out there so your stationery is extra unique, so I added little quirks like Ella’s bow tie and ring for example.

I thought a lot about the requests my past couples had made when designing the new range. They wanted a way to give their guests all the information they needed in an easy, stylish, non-fussy way. The concertina style of invitation covers the all-in-one invitation/information package but I wanted to create something that was simple and modern and that each couple could easily personalise. So please welcome – the layered invitation.

The layered invitation starts with the invitation itself. This is a rectangular card that sits at the bottom. Then choose how much information you need to give your guests and pick the amount of additional information cards you need. There are three different sizes to choose from, and you can have as many or as few as you want, and they could all be the same size or different sizes. These cards then sit on top of the invitation along with an RSVP postcard if you decide to include one, creating the layered effect. To keep all these bits together in a stylish way you then choose your type of wrap. Choose from either bakers twine (this comes in a multitude of colours) or a belly band. Tags are also available to tie on with the bakers twine. The belly bands and tags can either have your names on or your guest’s names on. The finished look is clean and simple and I just know each couples is going to look different from the next. Super personal.

Finally I needed a name for the new collection and the words that kept going round in my head? Love is…, because at the end of the day that is what your wedding is all about isn’t it?

Keep an eye on the blog as there are going to be more changes, improvements and additions to the Lemon Pie studio in the coming months to keep helping provide you with stress-free, effortless stationery. Why stress about your stationery when I can do that for you?!


Until next week, Natalie x


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