Behind The Scenes | What goes into your order

Have you ever wondered how long your suppliers spend on your wedding alone? Or maybe why they charge what they do? I think it’s easy to initially think that you are paying your supplier just for their physical product – like the stationery or the cake or for your photographer to be there on the day, but in reality there is so much more involved in each couples order for all suppliers.

To give you a little insight and behind the scenes info I thought I would share some of the factors that go into creating each couples order for me.

So being practical and logical like I am (also a bit of a geek!) I worked out some averages for what goes into creating your stationery. I based this on my couples that had a full suite of stationery (or there abouts) and came up with the following.



So as you can see I don’t spend my time just designing – if only, that would be a dream! – but I also spend lots of time emailing, quoting, carrying out consultations as well as making sure I am creating your perfect stationery. This is for every single couple. I won’t bore you with all the businessey stuff I have to do as well as my aim isn’t to make you fall asleep reading this!

However this amount of work is the same for all suppliers. They all spend a humongous amount of time emailing and on the phone to you, quoting and re-quoting, researching, designing as well as making or physically doing what it is you are paying them for. Also don’t forget suppliers like photographers and videographers will be spending days after your wedding editing your images and videos so they are perfect for you. 

I hope you found this post useful and insightful, it certainly isn’t meant in a pretentious or patronising way but hopefully it will make clearer the work involved for each supplier and the time they have to cover when considering their price structure.      

Until next week, Natalie x

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