Behind the Scenes | My Lazy Exercise Regime

Happy New Year! (Better late than never right?) So I’ve been thinking about what sort of stuff you might want to read about and I know you love anything wedding related but thought some other everyday stuff thrown in might interest you too? Let me know over on my Facebook page what you think!

Every new year my resolution is, quite predictably, to get fit and be healthy. This usually involves some kind of exercise regime that I never stick to. Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely lazy when it comes to exercise. The thought of the gym freaks me out and I don’t think I’d have the commitment for an exercise class. I don’t even own a pair of trainers. I like my exercise to be easy and to not take up huge chunks of my time, so when I discovered Tone It Up I obviously became obsessed!


(Routines are much longer than what you see here – i’ve just cropped them so you don’t have to scroll down forever!)

I’m not a member of the plan but do follow Karena and Katrina on social media for lots of hints and tips but mostly I love pinning (you knew it had to involve Pinterest somewhere didn’t you?!) their workout sheets (there’s probably a far better name for them than this!).


As you can see in the examples here they are really easy to follow and explain it all fully so even an exercise dunce like me can do it. I open one up on my iPad and follow the routine through whilst watching the TV in my living room. I don’t need trainers (yey!), I can spend as long as I like doing it and I don’t have to venture into a scary gym.


I’m actually really enjoying following the routines and¬†alternate between different ones so I don’t get too bored. If you want to get fit and healthy in time for your wedding or just because then I definitely recommend checking out Tone It Up. Also if you want take a look at my Lean Mean Body board on Pinterest where I’ve pinned loads of fitness stuff that I may one day get around to doing!

Natalie x

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