Pinterest Obsessive

It’s no secret that I am a Pinterest obsessive. I am truly, madly in love with it. I just think it is the most genius idea and I could quite easily lose hours of my life creating boards and repining great finds. Maybe it’s because I am a creative and love all things visual, but I love being able to have all my ‘mood’ boards in one place and to have access to thousands of great ideas.


If you’ve never heard of it Pinterest is basically where you can create different boards for different ideas. So when planning your wedding you might have a board for ‘wedding flowers’ or ‘wedding dresses’, you would of course have one for ‘wedding stationery’!! So once you have created your board you can add pins to it, if you see something you like on a website using your ‘pin it’ bookmark tool you can choose the image you want and it will be added to the relevant board. You can also follow other people’s boards on Pinterest or search for something in particular and repin an image that someone else has already pinned. It’s a fantastic way of collecting together all of your ideas and to gather inspiration. It’s a bit like an online version of a scrapbook or mood boards, but without the annoying glue and the sugar paper!!


 My ‘Venue Decoration‘ board


I use Pinterest for a multitude of things. I use it when I am putting together a new collection to bring together my ideas and inspiration, when I am designing a bespoke design for research, and I also just pin stuff I love! I am in the process of creating boards for each of my ‘Personalised’ designs so you can see the style of wedding that works well with that stationery design. You can follow my boards here, so what are you waiting for check it out!!

My ‘A Modern Affair‘ board

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