Nifty Notebooks

Now I have to admit I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks. And journals. And diaries. And sketchbooks. Basically pretty much anything I can write notes in or doodle on. I have to rein myself in from buying a new one whenever I go anywhere that sells them. I know that I can make lists and notes and have calendars on my computer and phone but it just doesn’t seem the same as actually writing them down. I just like writing stuff. With a pen. On a bit of paper.

Aside from my personal obsession though, notebooks/journals/diaries etc are fantastically useful when you are planning a wedding. If like me things make more sense and seem clearer when you write them down then a notebook is an essential part of your wedding planning kit. When planning a wedding you will no doubt make a LOT of lists and rather than having lots of individual bits of paper with lists and notes on all shoved into a folder why not put them into one of these little beauts?

1. Sydney Harry Notebook    2. Cath Kidston Notebook    3.Pearl Lowe Notebook
4. Paperchase Notebook    5. WHSmith Notebook    6. Soul Water Notebook
7. Laura Ashley Notebook

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