This Month I’m Loving…My Wedding Wording Guide

When it comes to deciding on how you want to word your invitations it can become a bit tricky. Not to mention how to word subjects like asking for money for a gift or not having children attend your wedding. My couples always ask me for advice on how to politely word such requests. This led to me creating my ‘Wedding Wording Guide’.


This is a document that contains suggestions of wording for Save the Date cards, Invitations, gift list requests and the non-attendance of children. I send this to my couples once we are ready to start piecing together their information for their stationery. But a suggestion is exactly what it is. The document is there just to give you some ideas and to help you work out the best wording for you. You can change or alter the wording in any way you wish, it’s is simply a starting point.


And as I am feeling ultra generous today I am making it available for all you lovely lot; simply download it here!


If you still have any questions regarding your wedding wording or any other wedding stationery related dilemmas just get in touch!


Until next week, Natalie x

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