A Modern Wedding

I’m all about modern weddings, and I know you are too. Clean, simple, no fuss, no frills just beautiful elegance and style – maybe with some sparkle thrown in. Or is that just me?!

So this week I decided to share with you my ‘A Modern Affair’ Pinterest board. This is one of the first of these types of boards I created collecting together all the ideas I love and think would be perfect for a stylish, chic, modern wedding.

When I think of ‘modern’ I think of unique, individual ideas or classics brought bang up to date. For example who says you HAVE to have traditional wedding shoes? Why not have cobalt blue Jimmy Choos??! These are providing you with shoes and your something blue.

And why give everyone a glass of champagne when they can have their own mini bottle?!

Here is a teeny tiny selection of some of my favourite pins for this board, with one of my most modern and unique new designs accompanying them, to give you a taster of my whole board.

1. Jimmy Choo shoes  2.Champagne Bottles  3. Long Tables  4. Dress  5. Head Piece  6. Ella Stationery

 Go check the whole thing out – it is a plethora of beautifulness!

Natalie x

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