Mid Week Man – The Grooms Engagement Gift

Now think about it, when a couple gets engaged the bride will get an engagement ring (obviously so going to have to do a post on engagement rings soon!) but what does the groom get? Apart from the bill, I hear you say?! Well some men get their own engagement ring, some may get something like cufflinks or a nice pen, or some may get a watch. I personally love the watch idea, not only because I swoon over the watches as I sweep past jewellers windows, but because I think it is one thing that is on par with an engagement ring. It can be engraved with a personal message and is something that brought for an occasion such as an engagement can justify a bigger price tag, it can be keep a lifetime and can have the same sentimental value as a ring.

There is an absolutely massive selection of watches on the market so there is sure to be one to suit your grooms style. Here is a very small selection of the ones I found that I think would look great on your wedding day.


A classic watch with a leather strap tends to have a more traditional feel and can look very dapper.

1. Tag Heuer watch      2. Emporio Armani watch      3. Hugo Boss watch


Bi-metal watches are perfect for the man who can’t choose which colour he prefers! Joking aside, bi-metal looks very stylish and grown up.

1. Omega watch      2. Gucci watch      3. Citizen watch


I like the chunkiness of a bracelet watch, it looks modern and classy.


1. Tag Heuer watch      2. Emporio Armani watch      3. Calvin Klein watch


If your groom isn’t into a classic or mainstream style what about something a bit more fun and funky?

1. Guess watch       2.TW Steel watch      3. Ice watch




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