Mid Week Man

Ok, so when you mention weddings I think I may be right in saying a LOT of people instantly think ‘Bride’. It’s usually the bride that gets asked what she’s wearing, how she’s having her hair, what colour’s she’s chosen, who her bridesmaids are going to be. But what about the fellas? After all men are just a part of that big day as the women. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bit more of a focus on what the groom will be wearing, who his groomsmen are going to be, what he is doing for his stag do? I think it would. Therefore I have decided that every Wednesday we will be having a ‘Mid Week Man’ post.


Mid Week Man will cover fashion stuff like suits, shoes, cufflinks etc as well as ideas for stag do’s, speeches, presents for the wedding party etc etc. You get the idea. Basically I hope to give you some information about what is out there for the groom and hopefully some new ideas that you may not have thought of before.

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Obviously if there is anything you or your groom would like me to have a look into or find out more about just let me know!

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