How to manage wedding planning over the Christmas holidays

If you’re lucky enough to have a few days off over the Christmas holidays it’s tempting to use this time to get some major wedding planning done. But just how do you manage wedding planning alongside enjoying your Christmas break? I’ve given you a few ideas to lighten the load.

  • If you still have plenty of time before the wedding then why not just have a complete break from the wedding planning? Put your wedding folders and magazines away, try to avoid looking on Pinterest and just have a complete wedding detox for a few days. You will find that actually a little breather does you the world of good. Once you come back to the planning your ideas will be fresher and clearer in your head and you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of your wedding admin head on.


  • If however your big day is fast approaching and you don’t have the option of having a complete break from the planning then make a list. List all of the outstanding tasks that HAVE to be done over the Christmas period. Once you’ve written this list take another look at it and you will find some items that can be left until after the New Year – so remove those from the list. Once you have the list of absolute-have-got-to-do’s work out if you can delegate any of these tasks to anyone else and then set aside a day or two to complete the tasks you’ve allocated for yourself. When completing these tasks try to be as decisive as possible so each task doesn’t take longer than necessary. Once you have ticked everything off your list make sure you take a break and enjoy the Christmas period, you don’t want to look back and remember it as begin completely stressful and missing out on all the fun.


  • If you are DIY-ing lots of aspects for your wedding and are hoping to get a load of this done over Christmas I would recommend setting aside an hour or two each morning to get this done. Do it in the morning if you can then it’s doneĀ and out of the way and you can enjoy the rest of your day. Also by breaking it down to one or two hours a day means you won’t get bored of the DIY and you’ll have better consistency across all of the items.
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Most of all though remember to enjoy Christmas and have a proper break from wedding planning if you can – this even means talking about it! The wedding organisation can wait a week or two and you’ll enjoy it much more if you’ve taken a step back from it for a few days.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and thank you for your continued support.

Natalie x

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