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So you may – or may not – know that I got into this whole wedding stationery malarky through being a graphic designer and deciding there needed to be more gorgeously designed wedding stationery in the world. From time to time I get asked to create company branding for friends and people they know and I’ve dipped my toe into this in the last 5 years but then I had an epiphany! Why should it be so difficult – and expensive – to find stunning branding for your company?! Answer – it shouldn’t.

I know when you start out in business there is so much to think about and do just to get going. You want to make sure you spend your money wisely but also pay for a quality product that will last and you will be proud to associate with your business. I know how difficult this can be. Trust me, when I started out I wasted too much money on things that I didn’t need or that didn’t suit my business.

That’s why I’m going back to my graphic designer roots just for you to help kick start your company with some kick-ass branding!

Let me introduce you to the Company Branding Kits.

As with the wedding stationery I’ve tried to make sorting out your company branding as easy as possible whilst giving you some options. Start by simply thinking about your company and it’s style/what it represents and then choose the logo that most fits your company.


You will see you have a selection of different branding kits created for different parts of your company that you (or someone who owes you a favour!) can simply adjust in Photoshop to complete the personalisation of your shiny new company branding.


Don’t know where to start with Photoshop? Don’t know a handy Photoshop guru? Don’t worry there’s also a personalisation option where I will change the colours and text for you. Just leave it to me!


The idea behind the Company Branding Kits is to make at least one part of starting up your business that little bit easier. You can alter your chosen branding as much or as little as you like, and not have to worry or wonder what size Facebook cover pictures should be or what promotional items you should be using as it’s all there ready to go for you!

Let me know how you get on and I would love to see your new branding once you’ve worked your magic on it. Don’t forget also to pass this on to anyone you know starting a business or who’s branding just needs a refresh.

Natalie x

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