The Wedding Theme – Hearts

With Valentines Day fast approaching there will undoubtedly be a surge in engagements but probably a few weddings too. If you are one of those who are getting married on February 14th or if you would just love an utterly romantic feel to your day then how about a heart themed wedding.

Our heart design – Elodie – is in our top five of most popular designs. It’s pretty and delicate and is best shown off in this set here. Elodie works well across all items of stationery and can be as used as simply or elaborately as you like.

Obviously stationery is a great way to show off your theme but how about these other ideas…

You couldn’t really have a wedding with a heart theme without Love Hearts sweets could you? I think just about everyone loves these sweets and they are a fun little addition to your day. I can imagine them in glass bowls in the centre of tables or on a table as guests walk into the reception venue so everyone just helps themselves.

 Love heart sweets


I know everyone loves a bit of table confetti and a lot of people automatically go for the metallic shiny hearts you get in card shops or crystal gems in heart shapes but I personally love this cute personalised heart confetti. It can be personalised with names or places that mean something to the couple. I think it’s a really unique idea to personalise your day and that will get your guests talking.



I can’t get enough of this style of laser cut artwork, I think it looks simply stunning. This one has actually been cut out by hand – imagine the patience and steady hand you would need for that! It would look great on your cake or guest book table and I think it perfectly sums up what weddings should be about.


Hand cut artwork


How cute are these mini heart blackboards? There are so many ways in which you could use them; as they have done in this image on jugs of drink, or you could use them on each guest’s glass or napkin instead of a place card, or even on a sweet table on each bowl of sweets.

Mini blackboards


If you are DIY-ing lots of aspects of your wedding and you are up for a bit of a challenge then why not try to make this heart garland. You could use any fabric or paper that you like, maybe using different colours and patterns to create interesting looks. String them around your venue to create a pretty and fun feel or why not string them from pew to pew in your church rather than using flowers?

Heart garland


The fabulous ladies at Cupcake Occasions can just about create anything you want in the form of a cupcake (I’m not kidding – check out their muppets cupcakes, truly amazing!) But why not get them to create heart themed cupcakes like these ones here? They will be something that both look and taste gorgeous.



It was difficult deciding which theme to go with first as there are so many that I could tell you about but I hope this first theme has given you some ideas of how to approach your theme in a different and unique way.


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