Gorgeous Gowns – Johanna Johnson

I just had to share with you today these gorgeous bridal dresses I recently discovered by Johanna Johnson. I was browsing the Love My Dress blog and came across a beautiful inspiration board that included a Johanna Johnson dress. So I clicked the link and was taken to the Johanna Johnson website where I found stunning gowns that were simple and beautiful.

The dresses take inspiration from old Hollywood but are kept up to date and modern too. I love the style and sophistication of the dresses and if you’re looking for something simply gorgeous but not too fussy then I don’t think you can go wrong here. I also love the way the company describes the brand on the website: “…luxury bridal brand that focuses on timeless elegance, luxurious fabrics, hand finishes, detailing and experience”.

Not only can they provide you with bridal dresses they also supply bridal accessories as well as a ‘lifestyle range’. So take a look below and see what you think!







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