Focus on Betsy

I look at a lot of wedding images. I mean A LOT!! And it’s also no secret that I am a Pinterest obsessive. Whilst continually looking on places like Pinterest and on numerous blogs and Facebook pages I fell in love with all the chalk boards that have been so popular within weddings. I particularly liked the ones that used swirls and swooshes (technical term!) and clever typography. For something that you would think would look traditionally vintage these ones managed to look modern and cool instead.


Check out this one. I love how it’s on such a large scale and is used as a backdrop for photographs.


When it came to designing my 2013 collection I knew I wanted to create a design that had that chalkboard feel about it without actually looking like a chalk board. After playing about with different fonts and swirls etc Betsy was born!

I reversed out the text to create the light against the dark background as you would see on a chalkboard and carried the swirls through to the inside of the invitation. I have given you some examples of how Betsy can be used in other colours ways and to hopefully give you some inspiration if you are thinking of choosing Betsy as your chosen design.

I think Betsy looks fab in all combinations of colours and through use of colour can be as bold or subtle as you like!

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