Focus on Amber

Amber originated as a take on one of my original designs that I created when I very first started out in late 2009/early 2010. The original was laid out the same with the names on top of the initials but I had used a sans-serif typeface that very upright and slim compared to the script typeface that has now replaced it.


After trying it out with the script typeface instead and hearing the feedback from my customers the old typeface was quickly forgotten and the new style Amber was born!


Amber is one of my most popular designs and has been adapted and altered many times for couples to give their own unique take on it. I believe it’s so popular because it’s simple and elegant. I hear time and time again from couples that they want simple, elegant wedding stationery and Amber truly provides that.


I have recently started printing onto a pearlescent card and this works beautifully with Amber giving the design a really classy feel.


I have included some examples of how Amber has been personalised by couples to give you an idea of what is possible and how to inject your own style into your wedding stationery.

Dawn & Robert chose a French theme as Robert had proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower (I know, so romantic), so this became their ‘logo’ as such for all of their stationery. I added a small diamante onto the top of the Eiffel Tower to add a bit of pretty and also to represent the light at the top.

Holly & Mark were having a vintage, garden, tea party feel to their wedding day and so we combined the main elements of Amber with a pretty bespoke floral background. Small diamantes were added to the points of the border giving a bit of sparkle.

Nicole and Daniel’s wedding day was all about love – which is exactly what it should be about! So what better than to have the Italian for ‘love’ running throughout their stationery? I added small green diamantes to the dots in the ‘i’s of their names too.


Fiona & Geoff decided they wanted their stationery kept simple. No fuss, no embellishments, just let the design speak for itself.

I added delicate love hearts to the wedding stationery for Nicola & Daniel (not to be confused with Nicole and Daniel!) to create a pretty, romantic feel. Small lilac diamantes were added to the ‘i’s of Nicola and Daniel’s names too as well as in the centre of the middle hearts.


I hope seeing how other couples have personalised their wedding invitations has given you some inspiration. If you would like to bring in certain elements for your stationery then just let me know!

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