Erm…hello! | Notebook Cuteness

Now you know how much I LOVE a notebook. And you know how much I like to be organised. Well now I’ve found notebook perfection in the form of these four Ted Baker mini notebooks. 

I first glimpsed them in my local John Lewis a couple of months ago and had to resist the urge to buy them there and then. But browsing through the John Lewis website recently I stumbled upon them again and got full-on-kid-style-excited once more!! Aren’t they just the cutest?!


Whilst I spend my days on my Mac and generally keep a lot of my info I need to hand on there or my iPhone nothing makes a plan or idea clearer in my mind than when I jot down notes in one of my many notebooks. I like to have different notebooks for different projects and so these would be perfect. Plus as they are mini they are ideal to carry round with me when a new fabulous idea pops into mind!


Wouldn’t they be perfect for all the different aspects you have to plan for a wedding or event…

Check out more gorgeousness over on Ted Baker’s site here.


Until next week x

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