Erm…hello! | Kate Spade Stationery Line

I’m known to get a bit obsessed over things from time to time (lets not mention Pinterest or French bulldogs…) and my latest obsession is with the truly wonderful Kate Spade. I think it’s my love of simple, feminine, graphic design that draws me to the company. If there are dots and stripes, I’m there!

You can only imagine my overexcitement at discovering the Kate Spade stationery line. My paper geekness was in it’s element! I am known to get distracted by notebooks and other stationery items whenever I walk into a shop that has a gorgeous selection, so I have spent far too long looking at the items online. To put my stationery obsession into perspective: I would quite happily live in Paperchase.

The items follow the style of the Kate Spade brand perfectly and would look so elegant and be a welcome addition to any desk. I particularly love the bow tie paper clips and The Short List notepad.

Currently I don’t believe that Kate Spade ship to the UK, although there are a few stores dotted around the UK – I will be making a beeline for the Covent Garden store next time I’m in London – but I do know that Quill stock some of the items so it’s well worth looking on there if you want to indulge in some prettiness.


Just to make me totally jealous let me know over on the Facebook page if you manage to get your hands on some items x

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