Easy Peasy DIY – Glitter confetti

Following on from my Autumnal Glitter inspiration board last week I thought now is a great time to begin my new feature – Easy Peasy DIY.

When planning a wedding – or any other occasion – it’s a fine line between keeping costs down and having enough time to DIY some aspects of your event yourself. Now I’m all for a bit of DIY, but I don’t want it to take up my precious time or to have to spend a ton of money on it – I might as well get the professionals in if that’s the case. So I thought I would start to share with you some of my Easy Peasy DIY ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding day or another occasion. The rules I set myself are as follows:

  1. The item I am creating must be super easy to do – no more than five steps necessary.
  2. It shouldn’t take long to create.
  3. It should be affordable and the supplies should be easy to get hold of.

So here’s the first instalment! Easy Peasy DIY Glitter Confetti. It’s so easy I don’t even feel the need to explain how to do it – the pictures will suffice.


Glitter card or metallic tissue paper

A hole punch of some description – can be any shape or style you like

You will be able to get these items from your local craft shop or easily online. If you don’t want to spend out on a punch why not use your standard office hole punch instead?



I’ve shown the glitter confetti in use here as table confetti but how about these alternative ideas for glitter confetti below? Glitter confetti is not only a fantastic addition to weddings but with Christmas round the corner why not incorporate it into your decorations?


Bag of confetti  Aisle confetti  Glitter hearts  Hanging confetti

My OCD side of me just HAS to point out that if you’re using the confetti as actual confetti to throw over people maybe don’t use hard card, metallic biodegradable tissue paper won’t hurt and also will keep your venue happy.


Natalie x

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