It’s All About The Detail

At Lemon Pie Design we pride ourselves on our exceptional eye for detail. Our thoughts are that you will want your day to be as perfect as it can be and we are here to help make that happen. So if that means being completely meticulous with things and checking, double checking and checking again then so be it. We believe that it’s our attention to detail that helps us to provide great customer service and makes our customers very happy bunnies!

There are a number of ways in which we fulfill this attention to detail. Firstly, and most obviously, we count each item of stationery to make sure it matches up with the quantity we have invoiced you for – pretty standard stuff we think. We also check that each piece has been printed properly – no wonky inside pages for us. If we are printing your guests names in the invitations and names and addresses on envelopes we check each invite and envelope  against the list you have given us to ensure everyone has an invite and envelope and we also put each invite into its corresponding envelope, and leave it for you to seal (just incase you need to add anything yourself or want to do your own checks) rather than give you two separate piles that you have to sort through.

See! No wonky inside borders here!

When boxing up said invites, depending on your numbers and how many boxes you need, we will separate your day and evening invites into individual boxes or piles so they are easy to find. We place invites into tissue paper lined boxes and then place more tissue paper on top and finally tie a beautiful satin ribbon round. Our boxes are great because they are sturdy and durable so you can then use them for whatever you like afterwards.  Oh, and also these boxes are all included in your price, they are not a hidden extra that we charge for or anything like that!

If your stationery has a ribbon embellishment then we will keep one piece aside to use as a guide to make sure that all the ribbons are the same size so that everything is as identical as possible. We also seal each and every single edge of ribbon to stop it fraying because there would be nothing worse than sending your guests their invites and them turning up with a horrible frayed ribbon.

Frayed ribbons would definitely not be a good look for your stationery

When we stick diamantes we have secretly printed ourselves a guide so we know where to stick them so again every piece is as near to identical as it can be, this is especially important when we are sticking diamantes in a straight line. Also we do something we like to call the ‘flick test’, which is pretty much how it sounds. We gently flick each diamante we have stuck to make sure it has done just that – stuck. Fast.

We don't want your invites turning up with diamantes loose in the bottom of the envelope

Once the invites have gone out and the replies are back we are then ready to move onto your ‘on the day’ items. Again this involves lots of checking on our part. Once we have printed all of your guest’s names and possibly their menu choices on the place cards we will obviously check this against the list you have given us. Also if we are providing you with a table plan we then check that every name on the table plan has a place card and we will then put your place cards in little bundles in their corresponding tables so when it comes to setting out the tables it makes it nice and easy for whoever has that task. Believe me it has happened more than once where we have compared the table plan to the place card list and have spotted guests who have place cards but aren’t on the table plan or vice versa!

Table plans get checked! Take a look at the amazing work of Ross Dean Photography who took this photo for us!

These things may all seem obvious or minor but believe me it helps to make life so much easier once you have your stationery as it saves you time by not having to do these things. Also you may be extremely organized but when you have lists for every aspect of the wedding and other supplies to get information to or to organize then sometimes things get missed. So that’s why we do a double check of everything for you and think of the things that you may have missed, we are a bit like your back-up plan if you like!

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