Creative Colour Combos

As you can imagine I see lots of the same colours used on wedding stationery, with each year having a more popular colour than others. The last few years have been inundated with lots of aubergine and Cadbury’s purple along with every shade of pink imaginable but this year it’s lovely to see a change as teal is proving to be very popular. Everyone’s interpretation of teal is different. I’ve had some very greeny teals, darker heavy teals as well as more turquoise based teals. I don’t mind what you call your colour as long as I can get it as close to what you have in your head as possible!


What I really love though is when a couple comes to me with a unique colour combination. Something that should clash or you would never picture as ‘wedding’ colours but somehow just work so perfectly.


Take Charlotte and James’ stationery for example. When I first met with them and asked what their colour choice was Charlotte hesitated slightly before replying with “I know it sounds a bit weird but…” then went on to tell me they had chosen Cadbury’s purple and burnt orange! It. Looked. Lush. The image here is showing the day invitation open so unfortunately you can’t see the strong cover. It was Cadbury’s purple as the background with the text and ribbon in the burnt orange. Hopefully the Evening Invitation and Thank You card give you an idea of what a great colour combo this was!

Thanks to Sarah at Tree Frog Photography for this image

It has to be one of my favourite colour combinations still. I think it works particularly well in this case because we kept the orange to a minimum, just using as a highlight.


Another favourite of mine is Lisa and Daryl’s but for the completely opposite reason to Charlotte and James’.  Lisa and Daryl chose soft baby pink and black. Black may sound harsh for a wedding but it created such an elegant and stylish look, as shown off perfectly in these images of their table plan taken by Ross Dean Photography.


The key to combining two clashing or unusual colours is choose one to be the main colour and use the others to complement and highlight certain aspects of your stationery and the rest of your wedding items. I would suggest using no more than three colours at a time as it can become too busy and look too full on. For great inspiration and ideas on fab colour combinations you have got to take a look at Design Seeds and The Perfect Palette – they are a colour lovers dream!


Don’t be afraid to choose colours your guests wouldn’t expect because as long as those colours are right for you then they are right for your wedding day!


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