A New Name & A New Collection!!!

There have been a few changes to the website at the start of 2013, but most noticeably a slight name change and a shiny, new Personalised Designs collection!! As much as I loved my old designs I felt that some new ones were long overdue to get my collection bang up to date to match my branding. And the name change? Well put it this way it got a little tiring when people assumed I made cakes upon hearing my name!

An alteration on the company name is something I had been thinking about for quite some time. As I said people got a bit confused sometimes over what is was I actually designed (not great for a business trying to grow!) and also I just wanted to strip back the website to make everything clearer and easier for you the customers. I will still be known as Lemon Pie Design for any non-wedding designs I produce in the future but for everything wedding it is now Lemon Pie Wedding Stationery.

Lemon Pie Wedding Stationery

 A new name meant a swish new logo


A new collection of Personalised designs had been on the cards for some time too. I felt as my brand had evolved my designs needed to as well . I started with sketches and a Pinterest board to gather my thoughts and bring together my ideas so I could narrow down designs I felt my customers would love. I thought a lot about what past customers had requested and ideas they had liked as well as current trends such as ombre effects.


I have always had a bit of a pattern obsession so with trends such as polka dots, graphic lines, chevron stripes and pattern on pattern I was in heaven and just had to incorporate some of these into the new collection.

I was also keen to include designs that incorporated butterflies and a floral print as butterflies and flowers are always popular with couples and obviously I want to keep you lot happy! Lexie and Amber were always going to stay put as they are just far too popular – I would feel guilty even thinking about taking them away!! Of course if there are any of the other designs from the old collection that you would still like to use on your stationery this isn’t a problem – just ask!


I hope you enjoy choosing your stationery from the new collection as much as I enjoyed designing it!!

Natalie x

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