There are more Christmas colours than red and gold you know!

I love Christmas, it’s a time to chill out and relax with your loved ones as well as eating and drinking vast amounts until you can’t move. I also adore decorating the tree and the house as well as coming up with new table settings each year.


My one bugbear though? The assumption that because it’s Christmas everything has to be red, green and gold. So you can imagine my delight when I came across these gorgeous table settings courtesy of Good Housekeeping.


I think you’ll agree they still have a Christmassy feel but without the overload of said Christmas colours or tinsel (lets not start on my tinsel phobia). They demonstrate how to create stunning table settings using a little imagination and an alternative colour palette.


So why not try out your own variation of one of these for your Christmas table this year? I also think if you are having a Christmas wedding an alternative colour palette would look sensational and would definitely take your guests by surprise.


All photo credits Charlie Juliet

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