Adding A Personal Touch To Your Wedding

So one evening as I was perusing the Tiffany website (as you do!) I stumbled across their True Love Stories. Now I know everyone’s romance preference can vary – ranging from full on hearts and flowers and fireworks and magicalness (yes, I’m pretending that’s a word) to ice queen, heart of stone – but I promise these stories are beautiful. They are told without being OTT or too slushy, just simply lovely stories of how the couples met and how they came about getting engaged.

 Tiffany Rings

This got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own love story incorporated into your wedding day somehow? It could be included within your order of ceremony or order of day. Or how about framed on the cake or gift table? It could be incorporated into each guest’s place setting too. Some guests may know how you met or how you got engaged, but they are not all going to know the full story, so this would add a really personal touch and create a great talking point on your day.

For more unique ideas head back to the blog next week.

Natalie x

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