Table Names for your Wedding

So if you are getting married this year you may be at the point where you are starting to think about choosing names for your wedding breakfast tables. Now this doesn’t have to difficult, it should actually be one of the more fun parts of your wedding planning!

You could keep it simple or go all out – it’s entirely up to you! Obviously your table names could tie in with any theme or style you have running throughout your day, but I thought I’d share some ideas with you to get you started.

Ok, so in the past my couples have named their tables after the following (I bet you can’t guess the weddings where the groom picked the table names!!):

Table name ideas 1

But what about these ideas for table names:

Table name ideas 2

I hope this has got you thinking and given you some ideas. Remember unique table names can be a great talking point amongst your guests! Let me know over on the Facebook page what you decide on.

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